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Your roof is an essential part of your home. If it gets damaged or broken, that can cause catastrophic damage to the rest of the house.

Luckily, you don’t have to deal with roofing problems alone. Just turn to a trusted San Antonio residential roofing company like DV Roofing and Remodeling.


Why Work with a Professional Roofing Company?

With the rise of DIY home shows and handy YouTube tutorials, you may be tempted to try and repair or replace your roof yourself. That kind of can-do attitude is certainly admirable, but it’s also misplaced in the case of roofing.

If you try to do your own roof repairs or replacements, the final result could be below the necessary quality standards. In that case, your roof (and your whole house) would be vulnerable to the elements.

There’s also the issue of safety to consider. You could easily fall and injure yourself while working on the roof. Is doing your own roof work really worth the risk to your health and safety?

Working with a reliable San Antonio residential roofing company eliminates those risks. You’ll have professional, high-quality roofing work that you can count on.

For even greater assurance, most professional roofing companies offer warranties on their roof repairs and replacement. That means that if anything covered by the warranty fails within the allotted timeline, you won’t have to pay anything to have it fixed. It’s peace of mind you simply won’t have if you try to do your own roofing work.


How to Choose a Professional Roofing Company

Once you decide to work with a professional roofing company for your roofing needs, the next step is choosing which company to hire. There are probably lots of roofing companies in your area, so you need some methods for choosing the best one for your job.

The first thing to keep in mind is the difference between an independent contractor and an actual roofing company. Working with a roofing company is often the better idea because a team of people will be able to complete the job much quicker. You’re likely to get a better deal and a warranty that might not be available with an independent contractor.

Next, you’ll want to make sure that the roofing company you choose has strong references (check online reviews to get an idea), is experienced, insured, and has a license to operate in your area.

Which company you hire may also depend on what kind of roofing work you need completed. Different roofing companies offer different roofing services. If you need a roof inspection, for example, make sure that the companies you are considering offer this service. 

For a San Antonio residential roofing company that ticks all these boxes, look no further than DV Roofing and Remodeling. We have years of experience in the roofing industry and stellar customer reviews because we value quality and customer service above all else. Contact us today to learn how we can help solve your roofing problems!

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    Interesting Facts
    • San Antonio is home to the most visited attraction in all of Texas, The Alamo!
    • Fiesta San Antonio is the city’s biggest and most attended festival. It happens every April and has done so since 1891.
    • San Antonio is home to the 750-foot tall Tower of the Americas. It can be seen from anywhere in the city, and is located in HemisFair Park and was opened in 1968.
    Notable Residents
    • Tim Duncan – Athlete
    • Tommy Lee Jones – Actor
    • George Strait – Country Singer/Songwriter
    Nearby Suburbs
    • Timberwood Park 
    • Alamo Heights 
    • Shavano Park 
    Public Transportation
    • VIA Metropolitan Transit – provides public transportation to the Greater San Antonio Region and is unique among its Texas peers in that it covers a large service area, serving a population that is socioeconomically disadvantaged, reporting low incomes and high reliance on public transit.
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